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Welcome To Ecological Laboratories, Inc.

Although we may be new to you, we’ve been around for a while. Over 36 years in fact. During that time, we have been continually evaluating and developing what we call our "core technology", a robust diversity of organisms, including several strains of photosynthetic bacteria. In 1976, we sold our first bottle of MICROBE-LIFT®... and, oh, how far we’ve come since then!

Our lab and EPA/FDA registered manufacturing facilities cover 75,000 square feet on 3 acres. Our products are sold on almost every continent and are used to solve a myriad of environmental problems to enhance crop and water values.

Our "core technology" has become the platform on which our proven performance has been built and used on thousands of commercial crop acreage worldwide and, the foundation for our ML/Photosynthesis Plus. We now bring those 36 years of experience, research, development and expertise in microbiology, plant vigor and water clarity to the Lawn & Garden, Hydroponic and Aquaponic markets with our new Microbe Life™ Hydroponics retail product lines.

Ecological Laboratories, Inc. continues to develop new products which incorporate and benefit from our "core photosynthetic technology". Mark J. Krupka, our Technical Director & Head Microbiologist, leads our Technical team while Doug Dent, a market leader with over 32 years in the biotechnology sector, leads our Product Development team. Together, their unparalleled experience has been critical in the development of our one-of-a-kind product series you will experience.

Our Philosophy

To the Consumer - At Ecological Laboratories, we are strongly aware of our responsibility to environmental stewardship and sustainable development. By providing safe, natural products we allow our customers to also be good stewards of the environment so that it will be suitable for your children and grandchildren. Unlike many other marketers of bacterial products, we produce our own bacteria, so we can be assured that everything we put our name on is 100% safe and effective.

To Our Retailers - We value our relationship with our retailers and consistently look for ways Ecological Laboratories can provide better support and value for those who sell our products.

As a Family-Owned and operated business, we respect the importance of the independent retailer who can provide the knowledge and expertise to help your customers purchase the correct product and optimize the performance of all of Ecological's products.

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